Founded in 2007, Noce Vita Gourmet Foods is an organic supplier of specialty nut ingredients with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. We supply fresh, high-quality organic hazelnuts and pistachios in many varieties including shelled roasted whole nuts, diced nuts, pastes, extracts and oils.

We focus on serving specialty food manufacturers, confectionery manufacturers, flavor & food manufacturers, bakeries, gelato makers, food service and restaurants located in the Northwest of the United States and in selected markets across Europe.

Since 2007, Noce Vita has supplied Theo Chocolate with certified organic diced hazelnuts. These tasty hazelnuts are used in one of Theo Chocolate’s most popular chocolate bars РHazelnut Crunch!

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Making a Difference

Noce Vita directly sources and supports small, independent farmers in Turkey and the U.S. through sustainable agriculture. This way, we preserve traditional farming practices, artisanal tastes and local communities.

Tastes to Remember

As food lovers with healthful lifestyle, we wanted to share the gift of organic hazelnuts with everyone.

Among the family of nuts, hazelnuts stand out with their light and healthy characteristics. Hazelnuts are ideally suited for baking, swirling into chocolates, making gelato/ice cream, and incorporating into snack foods, gourmet dishes, desserts, flavored syrups and aromatics.

With a twist of hazelnut or pistachio, you can turn your favorite snack, gourmet dish or dessert into beautiful artistry and tastes to remember.

Next Steps…

If you are interested in purchasing premium organic hazelnuts or pistachios ingredients, please email us at info@nocevita.com.