We provide the most flavorful, high quality organic nut ingredients to confectionery manufacturers, specialty food producers, flavor & fragrance manufacturers, bakeries, gelato makers, ice creameries, food service and restaurants located in the Pacific Northwest and in Western Europe.

We are dedicated to working with our customers to meet their custom ingredient or product requirements and are known for our professional customer service.


Roasted hazelnuts, which are light brown and have a distinctive flavor, are used as primary ingredients in chocolates, snack bars, gelato, ice cream, pastries, desserts, gourmet foods, flavored beverages, fragrances and aromatcs.


Roasted pistachios are known for their vibrant green color and flavor. They are used as a primary ingredient in snack bars, chocolates, gelato, ice cream, pastries and desserts, salads and entrees.

We supply premium organic hazelnuts and pistachios nuts in many varieties including whole roasted nuts, diced nuts, pastes, oils, extracts, spreads and fillings.

Specialty Nut Ingredients & Products

Whole Nuts (with shells)
Whole Kernels (without shells)
Chopped Nuts
Paste (special order)
Oil (special order)
Extracts (special order)
Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (special order) (special order)
Chocolate Hazelnut Filling (special order) (special order)

Note: Our hazelnut and pistachio products can be customized to meet a client’s precise nut specifications.

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