Go Nuts for Sustainability!

Choosing organic hazelnuts isn’t merely about indulging in a delicious and wholesome treat—it’s a choice that empowers us to support environmentally sustainable agriculture. The global hazelnut supply chain faces various challenges, one of which involves sourcing environmentally sustainable, high-quality hazelnut ingredients. While progress is underway, global manufacturers like Nestlé continue to explore innovative approaches to achieve their sustainable sourcing goal of making 100% of their key ingredients sustainable by 2030.

Nestlé achieved a significant milestone, with 22% of their key ingredients meeting their sustainability goal in 2030.

– Creating Shared Value and Sustainability Report, 2022

However, the journey towards a truly sustainable future is far from over, and there’s so much untapped potential for the industry to do even more. Since our inception in 2007, Noce Vita Gourmet Foods has remained unwavering in our commitment to organic hazelnuts. We achieve this by partnering with our farmers and supply chain partners, promoting safe and sustainable agricultural practices. In the pursuit of a more sustainable food future, organic hazelnuts shine as a beacon of eco-friendly agriculture. They offer three key advantages for environmental sustainability:  

  1. Chemical-free Inputs: Organic hazelnut farming champions a pesticide and herbicide-free approach, avoiding synthetic chemicals that can harm natural ecosystems and waterways. By emphasizing natural pest control methods and soil health, organic farms minimize their negative environmental impact.
  2. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health: Organic hazelnut cultivation often dovetails with the preservation of natural habitats, safeguarding biodiversity and pollinator populations. These practices not only protect the planet’s ecosystems but also enhance the resilience of agricultural systems.
  3. Reduced Greenhouse Gases and Pollution: Organic farming emits fewer greenhouse gases and reduces the risk of water pollution. By choosing organic hazelnuts, we contribute to climate change mitigation and safeguard valuable water resources, forests, and natural ecosystems.

By reducing chemical inputs, fostering biodiversity, and minimizing environmental pollution, we can relish the flavor of hazelnuts while nurturing our planet. It’s a win-win for our taste buds and the environment alike.

So, go nuts—consider sourcing organic hazelnuts and be part of the sustainability solution!

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